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January 18, 2017

Create a product in Magento version 1.9.x and below


In this tutorial, we will help you to learn how to Create and add a product to your Magento store.
To begin with, you have to log in to your Magento Admin Panel and from there we will move to “Catalog” in the top menu of Admin panel and choose “Manage Products”.


After opening the “Manage Products” option all your list of products will open up(if you have previously created them).
On the same page you will find a button on the top right side of the page that says “Add Product”. Click that button.
The window will appear same as the image given below.


First and foremost you need to set all the general information about the product that is given in the screenshot above which includes Attribute. Set name, SKU, Price etc.
An attribute set should be, as the name suggests, a collection of attributes that your product has.
Magento will offer you default set of attributes, but you can add new ones depending on the product you want to add.
Take an example of product as “Clothes”.
You will have to add the specifications of the product like its size, colour, category etc. These are covered under attributes set name.
Attribute set, will help you create options that you can associate with all the products (all clothes for example) without separately adding them for each product.
If you don’t have any previously created attribute sets, choose the Default attribute set. Like the one given below.


Next information to be added is Type of your products.
Magento offers you setting up different types of products – simple, bundle, configurable, grouped and downloadable.
We are here going ahead by creating a simple product.
Have a look :


After choosing product type and attribute set for your product, now click the Continue Button on the top-right corner of the page below dropdown menu.
Next comes the General information part of the product which appears like one below:


Steps to fill General information:
• In the first field enter the name of your product, which will appear on the front-end of your website.

• In the next field enter the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit number). That is the unique identifier for a particular product. Always remember that if you have multiple stores and you update an SKU, it will get automatically updated on all store views since it is a global attribute.

• Next, you have to enter the weight of your product – it is one of the most important property for the shipping and delivery of a product.

• Select the Tax class for your product accordingly.

• Enter “url” for your product,( it will be generated automatically) even if you leave it blank.

• At last, choose the visibility of your product and determine whether it will appear only in the catalog pages, only in the search results, or both. Now you can see a menu on your left-hand side. Go ahead and start from the beginning – set up a price for your product by clicking on Prices menu item.


Move to the next tab “Prices”. This is mandatory to be filled. If you have some special prices for special dates, click on the Calendar menu and choose the dates when the special price you want to set up will be valid.
Now, choose the next item from the next tab– Meta Information.
Meta information is an important field since it will help you optimize your category pages and your products for better SEO.

First we have to add Meta title. This will determine what will be seen while searching for a term.
Next field is Meta Description field. What you enter in this field will appear below search engine results. Maximum description limit is 155 words.


The next tab is to Add images:

once you open the tab you will find a button on the extreme of the page “Browse Files” click on the button and add image.
After adding it click on the “Uploading Files” button . Once it is uploaded select the radio button for “Thumbnail (STORE VIEW)”. It will ensure that your image is visible on the front end.
Next is to choose Description tab from the menu to add detail about your product.


After, that we will come directly over Inventory tab.

In this tab, you have to add the “Quantity” of the product which is mandatory. After, that you will select the “Stock Availability” by choosing between “In stock” and “Out of Stock”.
Remember that by default “Out of stock ” is selected which will appear on the frontend.


Next, open Website tab from the menu and determine in which store will your product appear in by marking the checkbox next to the store name.
Open Category menu item and assign your product to a category.
Refer the screenshot below:

Choose the category which you want to assign to your product.
Click the Save button in the upper-right part of the screen and Save your product.

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