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User Interface Design has always remained one of the basic elements of technological innovations. A user-friendly innovation increases the chances of becoming it (innovation) a hit.  Nowadays, the world has come closer to us because of the internet and that is the reason it is important that websites become more user-friendly on the internet. One of the best ways to make a website user-friendly is through Website User Interface Design. The main aim of the product engineers is to produce a technology that is better than the previous one and has more advantages. It is the aim of User Interface Designer to make the innovation user-friendly.

One name that user interface design has got, when it is applied to software is the human-computer interaction. There are many examples of the application of user interface design like ATM, computer peripherals, military aircraft etc. These examples of user interface design show its importance and wide application that it has got in real life. In fact, many real-life technologies that we use with ease are the result of user interface design.

The Web User Interface Design should be carried out in a proper and systematic way for its efficient work. For a product, to work efficiently and to serve all the needs of the user, usability testing is required. The testing process helps in making the product more easy to use and efficient and after that product is sent for manufacture.

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