Turning your ideas into reality

Step1 - Analyse

Defining Requirement

It’s very important that we understand your business directly from you because nobody knows your business better than you do, during this stage we’ll try and get to know it as well as the people who running every day.

We take the time to understand your operations and analyse your competition—to help you determine the most effective technical solution to your unique business requirements.

Step2 - Plan

Structure & Layout Processing

Even when redesigning an existing site, it's important to step back and consider the overall structure of the site. Can your target audience find what it is looking for? Well thought out information architecture is crucial to your site's success, no matter how you measure it: traffic, donations, sales, registered users. This phase of your project will produce blueprints for each page (wireframes), diagrams of complex web applications (workflows) and technical specifications that can guide any development team.

Step3 - Design

Look & Feel

This stage guides the development team through the visual, structural, and technical design of the site. The phase includes designing the visual elements of a website, including fonts, colors, buttons, header graphics and more.

At times, this stage runs concurrently with both the Discover and Implement stages. At the end of this stage all of the tools needed for information access, security, site monitoring, content management, and issue tracking will have been designed.

Step4 - Develop

Let's make it real

After you’ve approved the final design our design engineering and development team gets to work.

Developers will follow the scope, prototype, and design work to code all front-end and back-end functionalities.

Step5 - Testing

Is this strong enough

Once we’ve written the code, we do our best to break it. Our quality assurance team thoroughly tests the code to find and eliminate any problems—and make sure your software is working properly.

Both human and machine tests will be done to optimize your website for Usability, Functionality, and Performance and Compatibility.

Step6 - Launch

Go Live!

Once all of the testing and tweaking are done, we will then set the website to go live on a production hosting environment of your choice.

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